Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bite tongue

Deep breaths

Count to ten

Nod your head

(sniff sniff)

Can we settle down please?

imogen heap – just for now


Love withers with predictability;
its very essence is surprise and amazement.
To make love a prisoner of the mundane
is to take its passion and lose it forever.

Penguins mate for life.
That doesn't surprise me much because they all look alike.
It's not like they're going to meet a really new, great looking penguin someday.

let’s just say I wouldn’t mind finding my penguin.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lets not make it home tonight…
cuz days don’t last.


home made shirts rule


Sunday, January 28, 2007

the love x nowhere
life divine

makes me think of you.


Friday, January 26, 2007

“you broke up because you like dessert last”

I shall call you dj content.


i wore red heels, without socks, a leopard print shirt and a corduroy jacket.  the utah bouncers could not stop harping on me being so cali.  it was 20,000 degrees below zero. i seriously didn’t think it would be that cold.  by the end of the night i had acquired a pair of socks, a scarf, 1 glove and 3 random jackets all piled on top of me.  i couldn’t even feel my fingers enough to cross names off the list.  quite possibly the best story of the night was a girl saying that “greg” put her on the list.. he works at -v-a and he’s the head designer or something and started arguing with me about it like i didn’t know who she was.. um yah chick sorry but your imaginary designer friend greg does not exist.. you are so a no go.  following in a close second was the fake business cards from interscope and last but definitely not least are the girls that said that money marks dj was staying at the cabin with them which he absofreakinlutely wasn’t since he stayed with the rest of the crew the night before.  last call is at 1am and you can smoke inside. we definitely shook up the snowglobe at sundance this year.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jimmee: Hey watch out for the :mumble garble:
Ei: the Black Spies? yah for sure.. we are driving speed limit its all good.. I’ll watch out for cops
Jimmee: no I said watch out for the :mumble garble:
Ei: the Black Guys? Why are they gnarly over there? Is there a group of em or something?
Jimmee: no dork I said the :mumble garble:
Ei: ohhhhhhHHhh the BLACK ICE?! What the hell is that?
Jimmee: you know ICE on a PAVEMENT.
(dude.. im deaf and I don’t know normal lingo)


It’s not DROUGHT beer its DRAFT beer…
(freakin FOBulous)


Selga, phd: Oh check these out.. these are the undeleted scenes!
Ei: umm.. wouldn’t that mean that they are in the movie then?
(hahahahaaaaaa.. can we say dRunk?)


I just mind read your mind


It’s this new fragrance I’m wearing,
Bay-Kohn, The Essence of Pork


You have such hot eyes
not to mention great enamel.


have you met my friend “insert drunk white dudes name here”?
no but have you met my boyfriend?


mammoth 07 super bueno times.


he broke his leg snowboarding..
what a stud.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Daily Health Tip:

Alcohol doesn’t make you fat,
it makes you lean…

against tables, chairs, walls, etc.


So I think I know what I want for valentines day…
a dick in a box

o JT why must you tease me so?


Thursday, January 18, 2007

that bitch put me in positions i never knew i could achieve.

yoga kicked my arse last night.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

sundance / utah
san diego / asr

busy as a beaver.
its time to get my shimmy on.


Monday, January 15, 2007

you should listen to this song.
terminal – wisher
the piano version

”I’m not right this way

removed and so ashamed”

how do you sleep at night?



kato is famous.


Friday, January 12, 2007

and now I know I’m at the end of my wits
remind me once more where this is going
before I fling it out into the ocean

you’ve shot me right on the x mark
in the back of my heart



After this mornings festivities, I truly understand the origin of the word “postal”
I have come to the conclusion that Postal Workers as a whole are all disgruntled and angry at the world because they have mindless jobs that require the skills of a 5 year old, a short attention span, and their husbands or wives are probably having affairs because the postal workers are all fat and ugly. So I do not blame them for going “postal”


And after all her rudeness and the absolutely zero help that she offered me.. she said my eyes were pretty.. I think that butch wanted to nibble me like a bite size snickers bar.

sorry this was mean.. but I have to vent somewhere right?!



Thursday, January 11, 2007

kill them with kindness


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

what a champ


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

you know what? fuck beauty contests. life is one fucking beauty contest after another…
you do what you love, and ffck the rest.
little miss sunshine.


Item #40310007
Super skinny, tapered leg Rocker overalls.
Available 7/1/07

KaiZen tiLL oo: maybe something like that can be the selling point for those jeans? 
'wouldn't you like to be in eileen's pants? ..
well now you can.. presenting RVCA's spandex denim
that are custom tailored by yours truly..eileen!'  party on..

teeehheehe work is rad.


Friday, January 05, 2007

They Lie To Themselves Until Their Convinced They Are In The Right.


It is not often that I need to clarify my blurbs
or explain the meaning or circumstance behind what I write
but for some reason a certain comment has compelled me to do so.

I could easily have erased the condescending remark
however I firmly believe it deserves justification,
hence I shall go line for line and elucidate
thus defending my reputation and proving I am not,
nor have I ever been, the floozy that you want to make yourself believe I am.

”I learned some new sexual positions in the cuzzi at big bear, the flying ninja.. and the helicopter.”
- Since the annual snow trip usually consists of friends who bring friends and their friends bring friends and so on… we decided to all hop in the Jacuzzi and introduce ourselves by answering 3 questions – 1. Name? 2. What college did you attend? 3. What is your favorite sexual position?  After going to each person counterclockwise, someone mentioned the “helicopter” and tried to describe it but quite honestly I still don’t know how it works.. another person mentioned the “flying ninja” and we all bust out laughing uncontrollably because no one had ever heard of it before. We tried to get her (yes it was a girl that said it)  to explain and demonstrate for us but we were sadly disappointed since she had bamboozled us and made it up. 

”don't ask.. you had to be there.”
- Written in the literal sense.. you seriously had to be there to understand how funny it was.

”and why were there butt prints in the sauna?”
- there was a sauna in one of the bedrooms and someone (maybe plural?) had gone in there after the jacuzzi so there were wet butt prints on the wooden bench.

”did I mention naked twister…”
- the first night there was only about 6 of us that got there early so later that night once our other friends were almost reaching the cabin, we laid out the twister sheet and made it look like we were playing naked twister by leaving random clothes, shoes, empty beer cups etc on it. So yah.. we didn’t really play.

”…and tuning in tokyo jenga?”
- Someone brought jenga but on each wooden block were things that the person has to do written with a sharpie on it.  The block that I got said “tune in tokyo to the person to the right of you” so I had to grab a girls boobs. Wow so exciting.

“by far the best cabin I have ever ever had at bear.”
- It was a 5 bedroom 3 bath cabin with an outdoor jacuzzi, a sauna, another indoor jacuzzi hidden under wooden flooring japanese style, a master bedroom that steps that led down into this awesome glass bathtub thing that you could fully stand up in and have power jets of water stream on you and massage you or something like that and about 8 or 9 beds that fit about 22 people in it. Not to mention there was a snowy hill right next to it where we tumbled down on using rugs, sleds, paper plates, snowboards, basically anything that we could sit on to slide down the hill…. Yes indeed it was the best cabin I have ever seen ever.

Obviously not as licentious as you thought.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

must watch
Wristcutters, A Love Story
out in February 07
Shannon Sossamon


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

having sex on the first date
is mind over matter

if she don’t mind..
then what does it matter?


don’t consume culture
make it


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I learned some new sexual positions in the cuzzi at big bear.
the flying ninja.. and the helicopter.
don't ask.. you had to be there.
and why were there butt prints in the sauna?
did I mention naked twister and tuning in tokyo jenga?
by far the best cabin I have ever ever had at bear.